Da-i voie copilului sa exploreze si uneori sa se murdareasca.

„Certain microbes, often found in rural environments, are like as „old friends” and have a beneficial impact on the function of our immune systems.”

„The greater prevalence of asthma, allergies and other chronic inflammatory disorders among people of lower socioeconomic status might be due in part to their reduced exposure to the microbes that thrive in rural environments”.

Nu-i asa ca stiam deja lucrurile astea? Intelepciunea populara spunea (inaintea studiilor din psihologie) ca atunci cand protejezi prea mult un copil ii dauneaza. In aceeasi idee, dar in limbajul ei mai analitic si mai cuprinzator, psihologia vorbeste de stagnare, infantilizare, dependenta.


Credit: © MNStudio / Fotolia